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Fraud Customer Service Matters Even More During a Recession

Make sure customers aren’t missing or inadvertently blocking your outbound calls in crucial moments.

Signs of recession loom large, as does fraud risk for banks and their customers.

As more banking customers are more likely to be targeted by fraudsters, it’s vital that financial institutions be able to reach them with timely alerts. Automated texts and emails may suffice in some circumstances, but outbound calls remain as relevant as ever. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Neustar (Why Customers Won’t Take Your Call, July 2019) found that the voice channel was the most important for meeting customer service goals. 63% of study participants said voice was critical — almost double that of email, the second-highest ranking channel.

And yet legacy outbound dialing approaches continue to hamper financial institutions' ability to reach their customers: consumer contact information changes rapidly, financial institutions call on the wrong day or at the wrong time, carriers block or mislabel calls as spam, and customers mistrust calls from unrecognized numbers.

Read this whitepaper to discover how to enable critical customer contact at the right number and at the right time with strategic investments in outbound dialing solutions.

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