Five Ways to Win with IP GeoPoint in the Higher Education Market


Using IP GeoPoint to Drive New Revenue from College and University Students

According to the National Retail Federation 2017 projections, total back to school college spending was $54.1 billion, up from $48.5 billion in 2016 and surpassing 2012’s record of $53.5 billion. The increase in spending is driven, in part, by growing college enrollment. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college enrollment has steadily increased over the last five years and was projected to reach nearly 21 million by fall of 2017.

And when it comes to where to shop, 44 percent will go online. As online retailers and financial institutions develop specific offers for students at two and four-year colleges and universities, making sure the right offer gets to the right student on the right college campus is critical. Neustar’s IP GeoPoint Higher Education decisioning data makes this possible.


What Makes This IP Geolocation Dataset so Unique?

Neustar’s IP GeoPoint Higher Ed dataset was developed specifically to provide our largest retail customers with the ability to use inbound IP data to identify students who are eligible for special offers. This dataset gives them the unique ability to deliver promotions that are customized by college or university and include specific school colors, logo, mascot, etc. These customers have had proven success using this granular IP data to directly reach college students and faculty at both 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities.

Verify Eligibility Before Offering Student Discount Programs

Ensure students are connecting from an IP address range belonging to a Higher Education institution before students can take advantage of special offers.

Examples Include:

  • Ecommerce/Retail - Develop new student specials and offer back to school discounts specific to schools. Provide special offers on computers, clothing, dorm supplies, restaurants/ coffee houses, books and computers.
  • Retail/Brick and Mortar - Offer soon to be graduates discounts on school specific graduation packages including cap and gown packages, school rings, class photos etc. Use IP GeoPoint data in combination with family and demographic data to offer discounts based on student/household income.
  • Auto Dealers – Present recent graduates with special interest rates on car and truck loans by school and region.

Develop and Deliver Programs Specific to a School or Institution

Offer specials and unique programs designed for students at 2-year junior colleges, specialized degree colleges (e.g. nursing and medical programs) and 4-year universities. This allows you to tailor programs, discounts, content, school colors and images by institution with the goal of creating a relationship with the student that will last well past graduation.

Examples Include:

  • Ecommerce/Retail - Tailor programs, discounts, content, colors and graphics by school to enhance the student experience and drive revenue.
  • Personal Healthcare – Present students with special year-round health and wellness offers based on school and location.
  • Financial Institutions - Provide new graduates with credit and debit cards that feature both the school name and mascot for greater personalization.
  • Travel and Leisure - Design holiday specials for new graduates by school and region. Vacation preferences will differ between students located in Alaska and those in California.

Deliver Premium Streaming Media or Content to Students and Faculty

Deliver online classes and streaming media/OTT content based on college or university and geographic location. IP GeoPoint for Higher Ed IP GeoPoint data, makes it possible to deliver online classes and subscription-based media and content to the students or faculty that should have access to it – and block access by users who should not - or who are coming from risky internet connections (e.g. tor networks).

Examples Include:

  • Online Learning – Companies and educational institutions in recent years have started offering credentials other than traditional degrees to online learners. These range from digital badges to showcase achievements, to various certificate programs and Nano-graduate degrees (post-secondary degrees) that highlight skills and demonstrate competency. In 2018 and beyond, many experts predict, colleges and universities will become more involved in granting these, what are often referred to as, “microcredentials.”
  • Live Entertainment and OTT/Streaming Media – Ensure student have access to the live entertainment they are looking for during breaks in their studies. Using IP GeoPoint data, content and streaming media providers can offer students the ability to view live sporting events and concerts. Access can be restricted by school, city, state or zip code to ensure the right content gets to the right students.

Restrict Access to Special Offers by Specific School or Region

Restricting pages to students that meet specific criteria allows you to present targeted programs and offers. There are many programs that are appropriate to only specific prospective/current students.

Examples Include:

  • Financial Assistance - A good example is the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) which provides a tuition reduction plan to only those students that reside in the Western United states. Using IP GeoPoint data to limit access by state may help ensure students get appropriate communications and tuition reduction offers based on their location.
  • Graduate Schools/Advanced Degree Programs – As educational institutions look to increase enrollment in advanced degree or specialized practitioner programs, IP GeoPoint data can be used to support efforts to acquire students from a broad range of undergraduate schools. With IP data on over 4,300 schools, institutions can present visitors with web pages and offers that are specific to the student’s current school or field of study. As an example, this would allow schools to present nursing students with Physician Assistant (P.A.) programs, while presenting Political Science undergraduates with information on Law Schools.

Block Access to Offers from Risky IPs or Internet Connections

IP GeoPoint Higher Ed decisioning data not only provides you with location data, but you can create rules within your platforms to determine if this IP should be trusted on your site, or if it has a history of fraud and abuse and access should be blocked.

Examples Across All Verticals Include:

  •  Is the IP address being masked by a hosting provider, VPN, proxy server or mobile gateway?
  • Is the IP address associated with the school or institution that can be served by your program?
  • Who owns the IP address, including the Autonomous System Number (ASN) and carrier? Is it coming from an ASN you expect?
  • Has this student’s IP been associated with fraud and abuse in the past or is exhibiting at-risk behavior now (e.g. frequent repeated password attempts)?
  • Is this IP address exhibiting non-human behavior and could this be bot or server traffic? Neustar believes reputation is so important to fraud prevention that we created a data set, IP Reputation, that focuses exclusively on scoring the risk of an IP address, including the likelihood that an IP address is being controlled by a machine or automated agent rather than a real person.

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