FCC Updates and Best Practices on STIR/SHAKEN

A Deep Dive Into the FCC’s Reports and Orders

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) were required to implement STIR/SHAKEN and/or a Robocall Mitigation program by June 30, 2021, unless they received an extension.

However, for many carriers, the road to implementation has been complex and confusing. With the TRACED Act, FCC mandates, and several Reports and Orders – it’s hard to keep track of what’s expected to be in place from whom and when.

This eBook summarizes and explains the current updates from FCC and outlines best practices for STIR/SHAKEN.

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Read more about Neustar Certified Caller, which meets the STIR/SHAKEN industry standards and leverages the latest developments in caller authentication.

Read more about Neustar Robocall Mitigation, which works alongside STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to identify unauthorized and suspicious use of phone numbers and detect trends and anomalies in calling patterns.

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