Enable Enterprise Customers to Sign Their Own Calls

Support End-to-End Call Authentication While Capitalizing on a New Revenue Opportunity

Enterprises are demanding more control over the phone experience and want to put a stop to their calls being mistakenly tagged as SPAM or blocked. They also want assurance that their calls are secure across the entire network — to stop fraudsters from impersonating their business, harming their customers, and negatively impacting their brand.

This challenge presents an opportunity for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to generate new revenue streams through the sale of an enterprise signing service. Since close to 30% of carrier revenues are attributable to enterprises, it’s also important that CSPs address this issue to retain existing customers.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • Why STIR/SHAKEN alone isn’t enough to achieve end-to-end call authentication
  • How enabling enterprises to sign their calls with Delegate SHAKEN End Entity Certificates allows them to improve call answer rates, increase revenues―and extends the trust chain
  • How this lays the foundation for enhance services, like branded calling

You’ll also get a checklist outlining steps to take to support your enterprise customers.

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