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Reach football audiences effectively with Neustar AdAdvisor

Understanding what football-viewing households enjoy can help you find more viewers like them. Learn how with AdAdvisor.

In living rooms across America, live sports broadcasts continue to command high ad dollars. The NFL in particular maintains the broad appeal and high tune-in numbers that lead to high advertising dollars. What does this mean for advertisers?

Football Fans Enjoy Having a Good Time

Fortunately, football’s broad audience base doesn’t mean advertising has to be for products with mass appeal. In fact, NFL fans skew high on several indicators that show they enjoy higher-end products.

Using this information, it is possible to build a profile and target beyond the stereotypical sports fan. Here are a few things we learned about football-viewing audiences:


  • 37% have a household income of over $150k
  • 53.8% of heads of households have a college degree or more
  • 34% of heads of households have a professional or technical occupation

Finances – NFL viewing households index high for having:

  • Mutual funds over $100k
  • 401k value over $100k
  • Life insurance value of over $500k

Entertainment – NFL viewing households are:

  • 1.8x more likely to have recently purchased a TV that costs over $3,000
  • 1.8x more likely to own golf clubs
  • 2.4x more likely to have spent over $500 dining out in the last month

Major Purchases

  • 14% made a major home improvement last year
  • 9% plan to sell or change their home next year
  • 11% plan to buy a new car next year

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