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Dynamic Customer Identity Data Transforms Utility Operations


Authoritative Contact Data Improves Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiencies While Reducing Risk

Utilities strive to meet customer expectations by communicating timely information, whether through text alerts, automated messaging, or interactive voice response. These sophisticated technologies, however, are only as good as the quality of the underlying consumer contact data. The problem is that keeping consumer contact information current and accurate is challenging. On average, 20% of a utility's customer phone data is incorrect. Far too often customers are not receiving important messages because the utility does not have the latest phone number change information.

Read this informative whitepaper to:

  • Learn how dynamic customer identity data helps utilities improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies while reducing risk.
  • Read case studies from major utilities on how access to better data has improved organizational KPIs.
  • Discover how Neustar enables utilities to keep customer data current and complete.
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