Customer-Centric Digital Authentication

Reduce Friction and False Positives in the Digital Channel

Are your authentication methods eroding customer loyalty and satisfaction? That’s a critical question today’s banks and credit unions must ask themselves as a growing number of people migrate to digital first as a way to interact with financial institutions.

While conducting business via digital channels drives down acquisition costs, it’s a largely anonymous interaction that creates a critical vulnerability for fraud. Authenticating the customer behind the device without adding undue friction can be a challenging balancing act.

In today’s environment, financial institutions must deliver convenient, frictionless and secure services, while embracing a multilayered strategy that focuses on securing the identity of their digital users and ensuring the integrity of the devices their customers use.

To help financial institutions navigate this delicate balancing act, this white paper outlines three best practices to mitigate risk while delivering legitimate customers the frictionless experience they deserve.

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