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Contact Center Solutions Best Practices Report


This CRM Magazine report discusses how executives charged with delivering exceptional customer service can succeed in maximizing customer satisfaction with available resources.

On-Demand Lead Scores

  • Call-Queue Prioritization
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Tailored Offers & Sales Scripts
  • Cross-Sell Offer Managemen
  • Transaction & Fulfillment Automation
  • Personalized Remarketing Communications

Customer Service Conflict Resolution

(And I’m not talking about your customers’ conflicts)

Let’s start with the premise that your customers don’t really care how much it costs you to provide them great service. We could even go one step further, and imagine that they correlate getting “good service” with higher costs that a vendor is willing to endure. In the customer’s uninformed view, the best customer service probably costs the most.

Of course anyone in the business of providing customer service knows that unlimited budgets don’t necessarily guarantee excellent customer service. Imagine a large organization that relied exclusively on call center agents to answer customer questions and complaints, and the cost of delivering that service. Would that model constitute great customer service? Of course not—besides, there’s an enormous amount of evidence suggesting their customer service metrics would be abominable even as they spent astronomical sums.

The core conflict facing business leaders is how best to deliver an excellent customer service experience for the least amount of money. Let’s forget about “turning the contact center into a profit center” or “re-selling and up-selling” for a moment—although those concepts certainly figure in any valid contact center strategy. What pops on spreadsheets are the costs and quality metrics like first-call resolution and customer satisfaction statistics. This may not be the fairest way of measuring success, but it sure is the easiest.

Choosing the correct mix and investment for delivering exceptional customer service through all relevant channels—phone, Web, chat, email—in the most cost efficient manner is the central conflict that contact center executives will face throughout their careers, and there will never be a single correct course of action that will stand the test of time.

Assuming that two things will never change— customers need service, and organizations need to serve customers—surely there must be some guiding principles that transcend technology, Internet bandwidth issues, or the cost of offshoring call centers in Malaysia, that can guide determined executives though their careers of shifting obstacles. “Consistently determining the efficient use of finite resources for maximum effect” is probably the best description I can come up with for defining the fundamental challenge facing today’s customer service executives.

In the full report, eleven stalwart vendors of contact center solutions offer their perspectives on how executives charged with delivering exceptional customer service conflict resolution can succeed in maximizing customer satisfaction with available resources.

— Bob Fernekees, VP/Group Publisher, CRM Media, Information Today, Inc.


First-Call Relevance
The Key to Customer Acquisition & Growth

First-call resolution is part of your day-to-day vocabulary. What about first-call relevance? Do you have it?

Relevance is what turns a caller into a customer, a customer into a repeat customer and a small order into a big order.

How do you deliver first-call relevance? It's all about understanding who's calling – without asking 20 questions – and customizing the call experience accordingly.


Upon answering a call, what if your agents could instantly deliver the message, product or cross-sell offer that would most interest the caller? You’d close more deals, cross-sell more customers, increase customer satisfaction and shorten call times.

Neustar can deliver on-demand lead scores that ensure your agents instantly know:

  • Who’s calling, including their name and address
  • Is this caller a high-value prospect or customer
  • Which message or offer will be most compelling to the caller

Increase your acquisition rates and cross-sell opportunities by using Neustar on-demand lead scores to:

  • Route callers to the most appropriate agent
  • Customize scripts to deliver the most relevant offer, every time
  • Craft spot-on cross-sell offers


On-demand lead scores also tell you which callers in the queue are most likely to purchase. Or even which are most likely to make a hefty purchase. Use this eye-opening insight to:

  • Jump high-priority callers to the head of the call queue
  • Send the most valuable prospects to your best agents
  • Shift lower-priority callers to an IVR system or overflow call center


With our cutting-edge ElementOneSM Analytics Platform, we combine your campaign-history and transactional data with our unrivaled consumer information to develop a scoring system specific to your products/services. The end result is a custom set of scores that work for customers and unknown prospects alike — letting you recognize those who are most valuable and pinpoint the offer that will most likely to close the deal.

Our real-time delivery network – which supports over 30 billion transactions a year – delivers your scores on-demand at the moment callers contact you.


Neustar on-demand lead scores will boost your conversion rates. But what about those who still don’t purchase? What can you do to reach back out to callers that expressed an interest but didn’t buy?

With our SecondApproachSM Automated Remarketing services, we help you recapture those lost opportunities. Simply provide us with the artwork for your mailers, as well as a daily list of phone numbers for non- converting callers. We take those phone numbers and append verified names and addresses. Then, we print and send personalized mailers to your prospects within 24 hours – while their interest is still high. Our automated remarketing clients typically increase their conversion rate by 3 to 5 percentage points for callers that were considered lost opportunities.


We work with 15 of the top 25 outsourced call centers to improve their real-time customer interactions, automate processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Our data repository includes the most extensive coverage of hard-to-find data on consumers with wireless, VoIP and nonpublic phone numbers. In fact, for many fulfillment applications, we can automate transactions for over 90% of inbound callers.

With just a phone number, we deliver name and address information over our real-time delivery network. Moreover, we confirm the linkage between the name, address and phone information provided by customers, helping you determine the authenticity of that information.

Join our 800+ customers who streamline processes and improve customer service by using our valuable insights in real time.


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