STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication & Branded Calling

Branded Calling Can Improve Answer Rates

Displaying images and other contextual information on a mobile phone (i.e. Branded Calling) has been technically possible for a while. But, the industry lacked the ability to verify the identity of the caller, or to ensure the number is not being spoofed.

It’s the combination of this technology with STIR/SHAKEN – initially put in place by the FCC and Congress to combat scammers, fraudsters and spoofers who use the phone to reach their victims – that has the industry excited. In fact, early adopters using branded calling have improved answer rates on first-call attempts by over 56%.

Branded Calling, with the backing of STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, enables enterprises to:

  • Deliver a personalized call experience
  • Increase answer rates
  • Reduce costs
  • Protect their brand

Download our new eBook to learn how enterprises can get complete control over how their brand is presented, with the added assurance for the consumer that the call has not been spoofed.

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