Automating Wholesale Network Transactions Leads to Better Business Outcomes

How Universal Order Connect (UOC) Fast-Tracks Automation

The world continues to change rapidly due to advances in technology. The introduction of hybrid work arrangements, 5G, SD-WAN, edge computing and a host of other technological and societal changes are enabling enterprises to create new applications and use cases across industries. All of this is leading to exciting advancements in connected cars, telemedicine, smart cities, industrial IoT, and more.

With that rising demand for connectivity, much of the excitement and focus has been around the new, cloud-dependent, 'overlay' services like SASE and SD-WAN. But what about the 'underlay' networks and services? These are the physical, fiber-based ethernet and broadband connections new services depend on. Unfortunately, many of these have become outdated and inefficient.

Read the eBook to learn how Universal Order Connect (UOC):

  • Simplifies and automates the wholesale buying and selling of network access and
  • Streamlines the process of ordering any type of wholesale access and transport connectivity
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