Are Robocalls and Fraudsters Ruining Your Brand?

Seven Steps to Get Calls Answered and Restore Trust in the Phone

Neustar’s industry experts have developed a seven-step journey to help your organization achieve higher call answer rates, increase operational efficiency, and restore confidence with your customers.

  • Step 1: Centralization
    Prove your caller identity
  • Step 2: Contact
    Achieve higher right-party contact rates
  • Step 3: Consistency
    Display names and numbers accurately
  • Step 4: Connection
    Make sure calls are accurately assessed as legitimate
  • Step 5: Certainty
    Protect your brand from abuse by spoofers
  • Step 6: Certification
    Make sure your calls get answered
  • Step 7: Context
    Enhance the mobile call display and give customers a reason to pick up the phone

Download this new eBook to learn more about the seven steps you should take to get your organization’s calls answered.

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