How IP Data Insights Can Give You an Edge by Reducing Fraud and Risk in Online Gaming and Gambling

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the gaming and gambling industry hard. In the US, 2020 revenues were down 31%, the first contraction since 2014 and the lowest total in 17 years.

The industry is working to climb back, with online gaming leading the way.

Online options for play are the one consistent key to success. In every segment of the industry, operators who provide online options perform better during periods of social distancing. Online casinos, for example, saw a massive 255% increase in first-time players in the early phases of the pandemic.

This white paper explores the opportunities and risks of online gaming and gambling, and describes how IP decisioning data can help mitigate risk in online operations:

  1. Independently identifying player location
  2. Identifying log-ins from risky sources
  3. Identifying bots and server traffic
  4. Uncovering anonymous connections
  5. Ensuring regulatory compliance
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