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Agile Marketing Transformation: Why it's Key to Your Success

Between the worldwide global pandemic and dramatic shifts in consumer confidence, there has never been a greater need for agility in business.

And this on top of an already tenuous marketing landscape—with audiences fragmented across a multitude of channels, growing privacy regulations, and the demise of third-party cookies and mobile IDs.

It's no wonder, then, that nearly half of all marketers have already adopted agile principles to support their marketing goals, with the rest planning to go agile within a year, according to a study cited in this report.

We've all seen how agile can transform business operations when put into practice: Software development teams that have adopted agile practices are able to adapt to shorter release times, keep up with ever-increasing demands for greater productivity, and prioritize competing initiatives. Agile enables marketers to do the same and more—all while producing higher quality work and responding to feedback more effectively.

Download our latest report "Agile Marketing Transformation: Why It's Key to Your Success" and learn how to:

  • Integrate agile marketing into the fabric of your company culture
  • Transform your current marketing department into an agile marketing unit
  • Adopt strategic agile marketing tactics that have helped brands like Philips and Vodafone pivot in crucial ways
  • Embrace seven of the top agile marketing skills
  • Roll out a plan for successfully launching agile marketing, even in times of crisis
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