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Account Takeover and Origination Fraud

Understanding the Threat, and the Tools Lenders Need to Protect Their Business and Keep Customers Safe

Identity fraud is taking an increasing toll on lenders and their customers. Even as financial institutions harden their defenses, ever bolder adversaries are mastering techniques to exploit weaknesses and penetrate security measures. Spectacular data breaches at companies like Equifax and Yahoo! that have affected billions of people are frightening object lessons on the amount of sensitive personal identity data circulating on the black market. It has never been more important for lenders to have the tools that enable them to know exactly who they are doing business with across mobile and online channels and at call centers, without sacrificing the speed and convenience that customers demand.

Download this white paper, based on a survey of more than 500 executives at banks, credit unions and nonbank lenders, which helps shed light on the scale and scope of the threat they face from account takeover and origination fraud, their priorities in responding, the safeguards they are using, and how they can improve their defenses.

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