White paper

Why Popular Strategies to Stop SPAM Mis-Tagging Don't Work

And Nine Ways to Fix It

Enterprises and contact centers face many hurdles when trying to reach customers. These include calls being mistakenly marked as SPAM, or even blocked; the need to limit calls to meet regulatory requirements; outdated CRM data; and a lack of customer behavioral insights to help determine the best time to call consumers.

As a result, enterprises often take matters into their own hands, but don't realize they're relying on outdated, ineffective methods.

Read the eBook to learn the nine ways you may be making matters worse, and steps and solutions like Caller Name Optimization (CNO) and Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI) to correct it, including:

  • Using a single Telephone Number (TN) for all campaigns
  • Recycling and rotating TNs
  • Dial based on agent rather than customer availability, and more!


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