On-Demand Webinar

Why You Need Accurate IP Location Insights

Due to the shift in work and play because of the pandemic, IP geolocation data, which provides insight into online users, is now more important than ever.

Join Security Magazine for this informative webinar to discuss the need for accurate location insights, featuring John McArthur, the director of product management for Neustar Security, and Chris Matthews. Chris has spent the last six years working for Experian, most recently as director of IT operations for UK+I and EMEA.

As a market leader in geolocation decisioning data, our goal is to help you better understand the value and uses of IP Geolocation data so you can continue to grow your online business during these challenging times.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How work-from-home mandates during the pandemic are driving the need for accurate location insights.
  2. How the growth in demand for streaming media and OTT content distribution and the launch of new streaming services are driving the need for accurate geolocation data and the ability to detect password sharing.
  3. Why ensuring that your data provider is fully compliant with privacy laws (GDPR and CCPA) and regulations that apply to your business is more important than ever before.
  4. How anonymous proxy detection is even more critical, as fraudsters are looking for new ways to scam and steal during the pandemic.

Discover how IP geolocation data can give you accurate location insights about your customers and identify malicious behavior by non-customers.


speaker headshot

John McArthur
Director, Product Management
Neustar Security Solutions

speaker headshot

Chris Matthews
IT Operations Director

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