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Why Second-Party Data is the Hot Ticket You Need to Get

Second-party data is more than simply "someone else's first-party data." In a world without third-party cookies or device IDs, it's quickly becoming the hottest ticket for data-savvy marketers.

That's because brands are realizing that access to reliable intelligence is key to surviving and thriving in the age of data-driven advertising.

Watch our on-demand webinar "The Rise of Second-Party Data and the Future of Data-Driven Advertising," hosted by Adweek and featuring industry experts from Neustar and Scanbuy to find out how major brands are utilizing second-party data as a smart replacement to third-party data. Learn how you can use second-party data to:

  • Maximize the accuracy of your first-party customer data, campaign analytics, and attribution
  • Optimize cross-media audience targeting and personalization
  • Increase your marketing ROI

Featured Speakers

  • Steve Silvers, SVP Product, GM Customer Experience at Neustar
  • Chuck Ennis, VP & General Manager, Scanbuy
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