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Why Fraudsters Love Your Contact Centers' Authentication, and Customers Hate It

When customers call contact centers, they just want to have their questions answered or their problems solved without needlessly being bogged down by cumbersome authentication, especially if they have to repeat the process more than once for the same issue during the same call. And functioning as an interrogator is also one of the worst parts of a contact center employee's job.

As chip credit cards make retail fraud more difficult, criminals are increasing their attacks on call centers. Meanwhile, contact centers employing knowledge-based authentication make it easier than ever for criminals to socially engineer call center agents and take over customer accounts.

In this webinar industry experts discuss:

  • The latest methods fraudsters are using to attack contact centers
  • Key findings from CCW's Elevating Call Center Performance report and the 2019 State of Call Center Authentication survey
  • How ownership-factor authentication has proven to be a more secure and customer-centric model for call center fraud prevention
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