On-Demand Webinar

New Trends in Buying & Selling Wholesale Connectivity

Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

High-speed connectivity is crucial for 5G, Cloud and SD-WAN services; however, ordering wholesale broadband and other access and transport services remains a slow, outdated process.

True SASE and network-as-a-service architecture require end-to-end automation and orchestration—service providers offering on-demand services will need to deliver fiber, broadband and off-net access services in as close to a zero-touch manner as possible.

This on-demand Fierce Wireless webinar is for those involved in the ordering of access and transport services between Service Providers. Hear from leading industry experts on new wholesale connectivity trends, and how they and others are gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You’ll learn best practices on how to:

  • Streamline the cumbersome process of managing quotes and connecting with suppliers
  • Turn quotes into orders more quickly and efficiently
  • Determine if orders are on schedule
  • Analyze if suppliers are complying with contracted terms
  • Support a growing ecosystem of trading partners
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