Webinar: Are You Marketing to Consumers or Devices?

Choosing a Data Management Platform (DMP)


When it comes to brand relationships, consumers are now firmly in control and they expect great experiences across screens and in the physical world. However, consistently and accurately identifying these slippery omnichannel shoppers remains a challenge. How can marketers get past the omnichannel identity crisis to deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey?

Watch this webinar to learn what to look for in a real-world Data Management Platform (DMP)—such as PlatformOne—one that can uncover actionable customer insights, empower personalized targeting, and accurately measure campaign success across all channels and devices. You’ll find out:

  • Which challenges marketers face in creating true omnichannel experiences today
  • How current DMP offerings try to address these challenges, and their shortcomings
  • What a real-world DMP is and what to look for when evaluating vendors


  • Richard Joyce Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Michael Schoen VP of Marketing Services, Neustar
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