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Bank Fraud Detection & Prevention Webinar

How Are U.S. Banks Fighting the War on Fraud?


To answer that question, Neustar and American Banker surveyed the financial services industry. Join us as we share our findings—be better informed and prepared to defend against fraud.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The fraud-related threats that worry your peers the most
  • Beyond dollar losses, the biggest impacts of fraud
  • The industry’s top choices for anti-fraud tools
  • How banks are balancing security and customer convenience

Fraud costs U.S. banks billions every year. To help mitigate your risks, register today.

Webinar presenters include:

  • Dorean Kass, Vice President of Financial Services for Neustar
  • Rupert Young, GM Identification and Verification Product Management
  • Penny Crosman, Editor and Chief of Bank Technology News