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The Trusted Caller Flow Solution

Seamless experiences online are elevating consumers’ expectations for their interactions with brands across every touchpoint, including the contact center. Are you keeping up?

On the one hand, you have to authenticate trusted callers quickly for fast service and maximum operational efficiency. On the other hand, you need to flag high-risk calls quickly to focus costly fraud-fighting resources.

Neustar Inbound Authentication makes that possible. Identify unknown callers and confirm their identities, instantly. Route authenticated callers into a Trusted Caller Flow™ for quick problem solving. Give closer scrutiny to less-trusted callers only.

Quick, conclusive caller authentication supports the creation of a Trusted Caller Flow™, a business practice that minimizes knowledge-based authentication, increases IVR containment, lavishes callers with self-service options, and allows agents to move quickly into problem-solving mode. By diverting trusted callers into their own flow, fraud-fighting staff and tools can focus on the remaining, smaller pool of lower-trust callers.

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