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TCPA: What Utilities Need to Know About Mitigating Risk in Outbound Customer Communications


Utility organizations regularly contact their customers through automated dialing and text messaging to provide important information on outages, interruptions and everyday services. Any company that calls or texts consumers should understand what it means to be TCPA compliant and the associated risks, as unwanted calls and texts are the number one consumer complaint to the FCC. Join Neustar for an informative webinar where Becky Burr, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer and Chris Clark, Director of Fraud, Risk and Compliance will review TCPA regulations and how those apply to emergency, informational, and marketing calls or text messages that utility companies send to their customers.

Attendees of this informative session will learn about:

  • FCC rulings on TCPA and what it means for Utilities and customer communications
  • Different types of consent and what is required for the different types of communications
  • Differentiating landline and mobile numbers before calling them
  • Identifying reassigned phone numbers and managing customer contact information to comply with TCPA
  • Approaches other Utilities are employing to manage against TCPA risk
  • How efforts to mitigate TCPA risk reduce costs and improve the customer communication experience

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