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The TCPA and Outbound Dialing Balancing Act: Tips and Trends


Banks and collection agencies are facing growing operational costs for outbound dialing, while at the same time being targeted for TCPA lawsuits which were up 25% in 2014. To better understand the issues around improving outbound dialing efficiency while balancing TCPA risk, Neustar and Collections & Credit Risk recently conducted a market research study of leading organizations in financial services and collections. In this webinar, Tom Nowaczyk, Senior Manager of Product Management at Neustar and Dana Jackson, Executive Director of Research and Data at Source Media will share the research findings and analysis of current outbound dialing strategies and how companies are prioritizing operational vs compliance needs.


  • Tom Nowaczyk
    Manager of Product Management, Neustar
  • Mitchell Young
    Senior Director, Risk & Identity, Neustar
  • Alvaro Sandoval II
    Director, Auriemma Consulting Group
  • Dana Jackson
    Executive Director of Research and Data, SourceMedia

View this webinar to learn:

  • The latest trends on how organizations are prioritizing and balancing the need for TCPA risk mitigation and operational efficiency.
  • The approaches leading companies are implementing across their organization, such as technology, operations, CRM, and overall business strategy.
  • Strategies for limiting your TCPA risk while improving overall agent and call center efficiency and maximizing right-party contact and collections.
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