On-Demand Webinar

Stop Loyalty Fraud in the Call Center

Over $3 billion of loyalty points were fraudulently redeemed in 2021, leaving brands to make amends with consumers and restore trust with the market. Investments in digital safeguards have brought only partial protection. Fraudsters have moved to the call center, which is unequipped to identify fraudulent callers efficiently and effectively.

Traditional call center authentication approaches fail to stop fraudsters because they require caller engagement. Fraudsters use this opportunity to probe the IVR for weaknesses and plot social engineering schemes against call center agents. In 60% of call center fraud cases, bad actors used the contact center for reconnaissance.

To stop fraudsters before they reach the IVR or an agent, and expedite service for legitimate customers, forward-thinking call centers are adopting caller authentication technologies that do not require caller engagement.

Watch the on-demand Loyalty Security Alliance-hosted webinar, Stopping Loyalty Fraud in the Call Center, to learn how to:

  • Detect risky callers for more cautious treatment
  • Grand higher-value self-serve options in an IVR to legitimate callers
  • Expedite and personalize service for trustworthy callers
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