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STIR/SHAKEN: The Pressure is on to Restore Consumer Trust in Calls

Service Providers Must Improve Caller ID Authentication

In order to protect consumers, the FCC and United States Congress are undertaking aggressive actions to combat illegal robocalling and call spoofing; this includes implementing a requirement for service providers to adopt Caller ID authentication with the STIR/SHAKEN standard by the end of 2019.

Service providers must comply or face regulatory mandates and possibly large fines.

In this on-demand webinar featuring industry experts from Neustar and Ribbon, you will learn more about the regulatory aspects, architecture and deployment best practices for STIR/SHAKEN, with a focus on the following:

  • The impacts of unwanted robocalls and call scams on subscribers and enterprises
  • The complexities of implementing call authentication across networks and how services providers can overcome them
  • How to speed up deployment of STIR/SHAKEN authentication services, automate management of digital certificates and provide blocking and notification tools at the subscriber level
  • Understand complimentary solutions used to augment STIR/SHAKEN deployments
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