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The Right CDP Is Always Worth the Investment, Here's Why

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Traditionally, it's easier for brands to drive sales and engagement from existing customers than it is to attract and acquire new audiences. And that's all the more true in our current climate. At a time when maximizing customer lifetime value is increasingly of strategic importance, brands that are able to improve personalization and customer experiences will see the greatest marketing ROI.

That's why marketers are recognizing the need to invest in the right kind of CDP—one powered by identity resolution.

Join featured industry leaders from Neustar, Quaero, and Winterberry Group in an open discussion of how to get the most out of your CDP by building out an ecosystem powered by identity resolution. Learn how you can:

  • Improve and maximize CDP performance to ensure your CDP investment will provide returns both today and tomorrow
  • Identify and close functionality gaps within CDPs, when it comes to delivering on first-party data
  • Build a holistic ecosystem to operationalize first-party data and enable strategic decision-making across your entire business
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