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How to Reverse Your Revenue Loss with Branded Calls

Featuring research firm Omdia

In January 2021, Omdia conducted a survey to enterprises that make large volumes of outbound calls across 12 different industries in the U.S. (including financial services, health care, insurance, hospitality & travel, and retail) to gain insights on the current customer call experience.

They found that because call displays show “unknown caller,” “scam likely,” or a spoofed company name or number, consumers don’t trust the phone enough to answer legitimate calls. This has resulted in enterprises reporting revenue losses of 10-40% in 2020.

In this on-demand webinar, Mike Roberts, Research Director at Omdia, and Jonjie Sena, Vice President of Product Marketing at Neustar, discuss the results of this survey and the scale of the impact on revenues.

You will also learn:

  • Why phone calls still matter
  • The importance of calls to brand perception
  • How to stop calls from being blocked or tagged as spam
  • How adding context about who’s calling and why while ensuring calls are verified by STIR/SHAKEN call authentication makes customers more likely to answer, engage, and have a positive brand experience
  • How an improved call experience can raise contact rates, reduce costs, enhance customer engagement, and recover revenue
  • Best practices to align the call experience with the omnichannel customer journey

Omdia is a market-leading data, research, and consulting business focused on helping digital service providers, technology companies, and enterprise decision-makers thrive in the connected digital economy. Through a global base of analysts, they offer expert analysis and strategic insight across the IT, telecoms, and media industries.

Learn more about Branded Call Display and how it helps enterprises engage with their customers.

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