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CPG Marketers: Three Steps to Reveal Your Consumers’ Purchase Path

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To gain a competitive advantage in today’s evolving business landscape, you need to understand your consumers’ journeys and the role marketing measurement plays in informing your strategy. With the right partner, you can have both the tools and the support necessary to capture an accurate picture of your consumer’s journey and drive measurable results.

Neustar Senior Principal Solutions Engineer, John Marsan, and Allyson Dietz, Head of Product Marketing, Customer Analytics, were pleased to present this webinar in which they described the challenges faced by CPGs implementing multi-touch attribution and best practices for overcoming the hurdles. Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Get consumer-level sales data from third parties and walled gardens
  • Make informed media allocation decisions with multi-touch attribution
  • Pick the best MTA partner for your organization
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