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Retailers’ Guide to Digital Authentication

Satisfy Customers and Mitigate Fraud

Many retailers have experienced a surge in e-commerce transactions during COVID-19, and for many consumers the move from offline to online shopping could endure long after the pandemic ends. Merchants with e-commerce operations have an opportunity to acquire new customers at this time. However, they must do so safely, keeping in mind the increased risk of fraud.

Retailers are often caught between mitigating fraud risks and providing a frictionless online shopping experience. While it is a delicate balance, there are solutions that can enable retailers to do both successfully, such as device-based authentication.

In this webinar, our expert speakers provide insights into how digital authentication, and more specifically, device-based authentication, can deter fraud and satisfy shoppers, including:

  • Why authentication plays an essential role in merchants’ ability to serve the surge of e-commerce customers during COVID-19
  • E-commerce fraud prevention best practices
  • How to minimize customer friction, false positives, and fraud risk through device-based authentication
  • How authentication can be leveraged as a tool to improve the customer journey and much more
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