On-Demand Webinar

Overcoming Communication Barriers to Reach Your Accounts

In the seven-in-seven Regulation F era, every call counts. Transformation is needed in collection practices to become more precise in reaching consumers - precision does not mean making just one call a day. What if you knew who to contact, what phone number, and the best time to connect with consumers? Phone Behavior Intelligence enables organizations to plan their outreach campaigns to connect with their customers by identifying the most active numbers to call and better aligning with the timeframes when individual consumers use their phones.

Outbound calls will remain a core communication channel. Still, additional channels like email, text, and digital media need to be evaluated, integrated, and optimized into overall contact strategies to drive future efficiency and effectiveness. How can you shift to a precision outreach strategy and manage customer engagement across multiple channels?

This on-demand webinar will discuss how companies can meet Reg F guidelines by:

  • Harnessing the power of contact intelligence to increase reach and maximize efficiency while meeting new regulation guidelines
  • Using unique behavioral intelligence on phones and emails to optimize outreach attempts and maintain right-party contact rates
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