Outbound Call Center Responses to COVID-19

Has your call center adjusted to the pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has driven unprecedented changes in consumer behavior and contact center operations, with new legislation and shelter-in-place policies across the nation. These changes have compounded challenges in an already stressed system.

Many call centers are seeking industry best practices on how to operate with optimal efficiency and effectiveness in this new reality.

In this webinar two guest speakers who have been at the front lines of this change discuss how call centers across the United States are shifting their business operations and strategies in response to the pandemic. Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, focusing on contact center applications and delivery, and Adam Russell, Vice President of Customer Intelligence and Risk Solutions at Neustar.

Watch this 30-minute webcast for key insights into the current state of the call center and recommendations to improve phone channel contactability with consumers.

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