Webinar: How to Re-engage Hot Leads with Omnichannel ReMarketing

Make Your Remarketing Remarkable


Businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to drive demand and leads. When campaign ROI hinges on maximizing lead conversion, it’s critical to re-engage non-converting leads with an effective remarketing strategy – or else you risk leaving revenue on the table.

Neustar Omnichannel ReMarketing helps marketers identify, qualify, and retarget non-converting leads across channels, from the web to the call center. With Omnichannel ReMarketing from Neustar, you’ll be able to identify leads across channels and deliver timely and targeted offers via e-mail, social media, mobile, direct mail, and display ads.

Learn how to maximize brand exposure, lead engagement and ultimately conversion!


  • Craig Pentz, VP of Market Development, Neustar
  • Melissa Larson, Product Manager Customer Interaction Management, Neustar
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