Improving Customer Contact in the New CFPB 7x7 and Stir/Shaken World

Make Each Call (and Email) Count

The CFPB’s Regulation F is set to transform traditional collections practices. While the regulation may not go into effect until January 2022, its intent and impact are already clear. Now more than ever, every contact must count. Regulation F’s “seven-in-seven rule” will impact call operations and drive companies to enhance their digital communication with an emphasis on email and text.

In addition, STIR/SHAKEN protocols are now in place to prevent scams from robocalls and spoofing, while helping legitimate calls reach consumers. STIR/SHAKEN protocols, which are designed to confirm outbound calls, could erroneously block and mislabel your customer calls.

In this webcast, Neustar will discuss how better customer contact intelligence and implementing STIR/SHAKEN call authentication standards enables improved customer contact, while fulfilling new regulation guidelines.

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