On-Demand Webinar

How to Optimize for the Metrics that Matter the Most for Multichannel Retailing

The challenge: Pandemic-accelerated changes are resulting in a host of new challenges for marketers across both traditional retail brands and D2C disruptors.

The good news? Our experts have answers and the latest best practices. Watch this on-demand Adweek webinar "Behaviors and Trends of the Retail Renaissance: The Move to a Unified View of Marketing" and:

  • Find out the top trends and behavior shifts retailers and D2C brands need to know about
  • Discover which technologies industry leaders are investing in for multichannel retailing
  • Learn how to optimize for the metrics that matter the most for multichannel retailing

Featured Speakers

  • Agustin Calvo, GM at Scanbuy Retail
  • Emiko Seale, Senior Director, The Knowledge Lab at Neustar
  • Devin DeBlasio, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Neustar
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