Meet the CFPB 7x7 with Intelligent Contact Data

Make Each Call (and Email) Count

Effective November 30, 2021 the new CFPB Final Rule (Regulation F) offers consumers greater control when communicating with debt collectors. While it did not add substantive changes from the 2020 proposed rule, the regulatory limits on the number of debt collection contact attempts will have an impact on your operations.

If a debt collector places more than seven calls within seven consecutive days or calls a consumer more than once within a seven day period after communicating with a consumer, a debt collector is presumed to have violated the regulation guidelines.

More than ever, your organization must make every contact count.

In this webcast, Neustar will review case studies and technologies that have yielded RPC gains, including:

  • Best answer rates and diminishing returns across different quality phones and number of dial attempts
  • Phone intelligence identifying the phone number a consumer uses most
  • Best time-of-day/day-of-week intelligence for when each individual is most likely to answer
  • Verifying and appending best emails for individuals
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