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Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign Performance

5 Trends and Insights to Sharpen Your Media Strategy


Are you getting the greatest possible impact from your digital ad spending? Make sure you’re making informed decisions on where and how you spend your digital ad dollars with the latest insights into the channels, platforms tactics and strategies that are working for today’s top agencies and advertisers. Based on data from billions of digital events, Neustar’s quarterly Media Intelligence Report delivers authoritative performance data along with insightful analysis into these trends.

Watch Neustar’s VP of Product Marketing, Yosha Ulrich-Sturmat and Sprint’s Digital Media Manager, Starla West for an exclusive overview of the Q2 Media Intelligence Report and learn how shifts in digital ad spend, improved audience targeting and the use of offline customer data online can lead to dramatic increases in performance. In this webinar, you will find out:

  • Which channel delivers the best cost-efficiency, reach and customer engagement
  • Which channels can be counted on to deliver influence vs. conversions
  • What kind of online performance lifts can you expect from your offline CRM data
  • How to improve online results by targeting top-converting audiences across key verticals
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