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TV Measurement Today: Measuring Your Marketing Investment in a Complex Landscape

The proliferation of options for TV viewing today may be great for consumers, but it has led to a myriad of new challenges when it comes to measuring the ROI and impact of your TV media. It's far more difficult to measure and optimize your omnichannel media spend in this fragmented TV landscape.

With the right technology and partner, however, you can effectively evaluate the incremental impact of TV at both a granular level AND as part of a multi-channel media mix.

In this webinar, Measuring TV's Actual Omnichannel Impact: Make the Right Choice for Multi-Touch Attribution, TiVo's VP of Product Management, Ben Maughan, and Neustar's VP of Strategic Partnerships, Gary Savoy, discuss how to choose the right TV measurement data for your business, how to put it into action, and what results to expect.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How TV measurement has evolved and where it is today
  • How to leverage TV data to answer your multi-touch attribution questions
  • Why deterministic set-top box data is key for targeting, measurement, and attribution for the modern-day marketer

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