On-Demand Webinar

Is STIR/SHAKEN Getting the Job Done?

While analytics and STIR/SHAKEN call authentication have reduced robocalls and call spoofing, legitimate enterprise calls are often inadvertently marked as spam or blocked by these efforts. STIR/SHAKEN relies on the Communications Service Provider (CSP) having complete information when a call is signed, but this is often not the case—especially for enterprise calls.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What were the limitations of the original STIR/SHAKEN framework?
  • How is STIR/SHAKEN handling enterprise calls today? How are calls treated?
  • How do you overcome the inconsistent treatment of calls by intermediate service providers?
  • What can an enterprise do to ensure its calls are getting answered?
  • How can an enterprise make sure its brand is not being spoofed?
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