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IPv6 Adoption: 5G is Finally Ushering in the New Era

Why you need to adopt IPv6 now - before it’s ‘forced’ on you

Many organizations have been dragging their feet on implementing support for IPv6. It’s important to understand that 5G will be driving the adoption of the IPv6 addressing standard in a big way.

In this exclusive webinar, Brian Kime, Sr. Forrester Analyst and Michael Kaczmarek, VP of Product Management at Neustar, provide their perspectives on the end of the IPv4 era and why now is the time to evaluate the best approach for your organization to support both 5G and IPv6.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why worldwide adoption of IPv6 has been slower than projected
  2. Why 5G will finally be the tipping point to IPv6 adoption
  3. Why you should adopt IPv6 now - before it’s ‘forced’ on you

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