IP Intelligence – The Utility Player for Your Online Business


Learn how accurately identifying your customers can take your online customer experience up a notch

In today’s connected world, it’s no longer enough to simply provide a fast, easy-to-use website. Customers expect an experience that is smooth, safe and personalized. The most successful brands – regardless of industry or target market – can identify who customers are and ensure they’re protected when they visit.

But customer demands aren’t the only thing constantly evolving. The threat landscape, along with the rules and regulations aimed at keeping the internet safe, are changing just as quickly in a boundary-less online world. Fraud is rampant, while cyber attacks are more targeted and imposing. How does a CISO or CIO adapt?

That’s where IP Intelligence (IPI) comes in. IPI provides granular IP decisioning and Internet connectivity data, answering who, what, where, when and why consumers are connecting to your site. IPI helps sort out the good actors from the bad, improving the customer experience while keeping vital security systems safe and efficient.

Neustar Sr. Product Manager John McArthur and Director of Software Engineering Rupert Young share the diverse uses for IP Intelligence, including how it can improve security, reduce fraud, protect streaming media content, and improve your customer experience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use IP Intelligence to see who’s visiting and how customers interact with your website
  • Common use cases including cyber security, fraud prevention and compliance risk
  • How IPI customers like Major League Baseball Advanced Media are using it to accurately deliver and protect streaming media
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