Intelligent Data Drives Better Contact Rates, Mitigates TCPA Risk and Reduces Operational Costs

Watch Our Webinar to Learn How to Keep Your Customer Information Current


Identity is at the heart of knowing your customer. If you don’t get identity right, everything else will be wrong. How are organizations able to manage their CRM databases with consumer data that is constantly changing? This changing data impacts your company’s ability to efficiently manage both inbound and outbound communications and the struggle between customer experience and costs. Current and accurate identity data can help you increase IVR containment and reduce costs for inbound calls, while also reducing the risk of lawsuits and penalties from TCPA violations for outbound dials.

Listen to this informative webinar to learn how to:

  • Ensure that your customer profiles are up to date
  • Clean, verify and extend your customer records for the most current, accurate, and actionable identity data
  • Ensure outbound communications are efficient and compliant with current TCPA regulations
  • Improve IVR containment rates by automatically identifying more inbound callers
  • Implement best practices by reviewing industry case studies of organizations that are successful in managing proactive and up-to-date identity data across the enterprise
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