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Avoiding Wasted Time and Dials – Intelligent Alternatives to Skip Trace Data

Are your contact rates too low?

Traditional skip trace processes waste resources and time. Most sources for hard-to-locate data emphasize quantity over quality and lack insight on how to reach consumers effectively. This saps collections organizations’ return on investment, and will only intensify with anticipated regulatory limits on contacting consumers for the purpose of debt collection. Quality contact intelligence is more critical than ever.

With over 80% of outbound calls going unanswered or to the wrong party, and industry-wide right-party contact rates for skipped numbers hovering at 3%, how do you identify and prioritize the right numbers to call for greater operational efficiency and right-party contact rates? 

Watch this webinar to learn how forward-thinking organizations are transforming skip trace operations with alternative sources: 

  • How identity providers are dramatically improving the reliability of contact data
  • Why scoring and prioritizing phone numbers is critical to success
  • How answer rates depend on intelligence about consumer phone behavior
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