Webinar: Increasing RPCs with Authoritative Phone Intelligence for Collections

Improve Your Right Party Contact Rates

Collections organizations face increased difficulties in contacting their customers due to inaccurate or incomplete contact data, call blocking, spam-mislabeling, and the lack of consumer trust in answering phone calls. Watch this informative webinar to learn how collections organizations are leveraging new technologies and innovations in identity intelligence to optimize their outbound dialing operations, improving right party contact rates and revenue per dial while decreasing their operational costs.


  • Learn about the constantly changing nature of consumer phone data and its operational implications
  • Discover the latest authoritative phone data and phone behavior intelligence available to improve your customer intelligence
  • Determine who, when, and what number you should call to increase RPC rates
  • Hear about the KPI and operational efficiency gains realized from Neustar Outbound Dialing Solutions
  • Discuss the impact of call blocking and spam-mislabeling, and how recent Neustar innovations combat the problem
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