Inbound Contact Centers and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The new normal is being incredibly agile.

The last few weeks of the first quarter of 2020 have seen a dramatic paradigm shift in both consumer behavior and contact center operations, given social distancing and shelter in place policies across the nation. These changes have added numerous challenges to an often already stressed system and many call centers are seeking industry best practices on how to operate with optimal efficiency and an ideal consumer experience in this new reality.

This is business continuity at a level that a lot of people had not really anticipated in their business continuity plans.

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the volume and type of help customers need from call centers?
  • How are agents being impacted?
  • What can call centers do to support the “new normal”?

In this webinar industry experts, Lance Hood (Senior Director of Inbound Authentication, Neustar) and Art Schoeller (Principal Analyst, Forrester), share their insights on how call centers across the US are shifting their business operations and strategies in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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