Improving Customer Experience in the Wake of COVID-19

Is your organization serving government customers efficiently and effectively during this pandemic?

As COVID-19 cases spread across the country, many government agencies and private-sector entities were caught off guard by the flood of inbound calls from anxious customers. News stories and social media posts described widespread frustration as hold times ballooned into the hours or days to schedule a COVID-19 test appointment, to inquire about small business grants, or to file for unemployment benefits.

These overwhelmed state and local government agencies serve as a cautionary tale for federal agencies—both in the near future, as customers inquire about CARES Act benefits (and possible future stimulus measures), for example, and longer term, as agencies look to increase call center resilience and performance in the face of subsequent COVID-19 outbreaks. These moments of crisis offer Federal agencies an opportunity to provide an experience that bolsters customers’ confidence in their government.

Beyond expanding physical capacity, agencies can take other steps that will reduce wait times, optimize operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and strengthen fraud mitigation efforts. After all, it is precisely during a crisis that it’s most important to provide an experience that gives customers confidence in their government.

In this webcast government customer experience experts share their insights and perspectives on practical tools to successfully serve government customers efficiently.

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