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Identity Resolution: How to Unlock Success Without Third-Party Cookies

Since digital advertising's earliest days, brands and publishers have relied on third-party cookies and mobile identifiers to power marketing campaigns. But what comes next once these options go away? Savvy marketing leaders are recognizeing that now is the time to embrace the next big thing—ID resolution. Are you ready?

Tap into In this on-demand Meet the Analyst Webinar from Insider Intelligence and eMarketer, and find out how to:

  • Navigate the current great privacy reset with confidence
  • Get ahead of your peers in marketing, publishing, and ad tech
  • Invest in the right ID resolution solutions and strategies

Watch Identity Resolution: How to Navigate the Data Privacy Reset

Featured Speakers

Paul Verna, Principal Analyst and Head of Advertising and Media Practice, at Insider Intelligence

Don Black, Senior Director of Product, Unified Identity, Neustar, a TransUnion company

Evelyn Mitchell, Analyst, at Insider Intelligence

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