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Through the Smoke, a joint Webinar from IDC and Neustar

Sometimes, a network attack isn’t the real problem. Don’t be the next breached brand.


A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack will get your attention. And that may be exactly what hackers want. Increasingly, DDoS attacks are being used not just to take your network offline, but to take your eye off of other attacks being perpetrated in your network at the same time, from data theft to malware activation.

In an always-connected world, you can’t stop the bad guys from charging at your gate. But you can outsmart them. Learn what attackers want, how they’re getting it and how smart organizations are thwarting them in a new webinar hosted by IDC’s Research Director, Robert Ayoub and Neustar’s Security Marketing Director, Joe Loveless.

You’ll learn:

  • What attackers are targeting today and why
  • Which attack characteristics signal a potential breach
  • Best practices that can protect your organization
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