On-Demand Webinar

IAB State of Data Town Hall: The Future of Contextual Advertising

See the IAB State of Data Town Hall on the Future of Contextual Advertising - on demand. Given the impending deprecation of third-party cookies and the preeminence of data privacy, digital advertising has been turned upside down.

What can marketers expect now? What are their best options for targeting brand audiences? This Town Hall presents learnings from the IAB State of Data Initiative 2021, and discusses the industry’s readiness, investments, and challenges.

Hear Ben Plomion, GumGum’s Chief Growth Officer, lay out critical industry developments and insights into the evolving role of contextual advertising, followed by an IAB-led panel discussion with Neustar SVP Steve Silvers and 1-800-flowers.com Chief Growth Officer Robert Tas on contextual’s execution, effectiveness, and promise in a post-cookie marketplace.

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