How Vodafone Puts Agile Marketing into Practice

No company could have predicted the dramatic changes in consumer behavior we’ve seen in 2020. None could have known the extent to which marketers would have to react and make unexpected shifts in advertising spend, channel selections, targeting, and creative.

Still, some brands have been better positioned to pivot. Acting not just quickly, but with purpose. One strategy enterprises like these have in common? An established agile marketing practice.

That’s the case for Vodafone. In partnership with Neustar, the telecommunications giant has both the right analytics and framework in place to enable effective action in the midst of constant change. Unlock the secrets of their success and learn how to:

  • Align on the right data, stakeholders, tools, and KPIs to get things done fast and be set up for success
  • Track KPIs to ensure a constant feedback loop
  • Use agile marketing in practice to adjust and optimize tactics as needed
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